Founded in 2012, we launched Vanguard Bible College with a commitment to build a Christ-centered educational system to train Christian leaders. We are discussing plans to implement Vanguard Academy in 2019 - 2020 to increase students’ educational opportunities through a standard of excellence and a Christian commitment. 

Vanguard Academy will be a K-5th grade school committed to developing a diverse student body academically, spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically through the power of God and our highly trained and Spirit-filled faculty and staff. We are a unique 5 day a week private school located in Holly Springs, Georgia. 

We train each student in a full range of academics, including the core courses of language, literature, writing, math, science and history.  To achieve our emphasis  on maintaining a Christ-centered atmosphere,  we are able to do this under the daily instruction of state certified educators.  

​​A basic requirement for any school that desires to be an outstanding academic institution is an outstanding group of faculty members. As a Christian school, our goal is both to achieve academic excellence and to apply God’s truths, as recorded in the Scripture.  All of our staff members share in the vision of providing a genuine Christian environment for our students.​

Our mission is to train, equip, and mobilize great Christian leaders.​​


    AmberLee Smith | BA Christian Counseling
    Jada Hanson |  BA Education
    Ronette Bradley | Masters Education
    Tyler Smith | BA Church Administration

​Pastor Ryan Smith | President Vanguard Bible College

Biblical Worldview
We use the biblical themes of Creation, Fall, and Redemption as lenses through which to view academic disciplines.

Academic Rigor
We engage students with age-appropriate content and help them develop the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and create new ideas or products.

Critical Thinking
We want students to think, so we use inductive teaching, discovery activities, and probing discussion questions to develop thinking skills.
Technology Solutions
We believe that new research and technology can improve learning, so we are continuing to employ new technologies to support Christian educators.